William Henry Pope 1825-1879

William Henry PopePope studied law in London, called to the Island bar in 1847, then served as a land agent for absentee landlords. He became known for a real estate deal in which he and three others profited big time at the expense of his employer. In his 30s to early 40s, Pope edited the leading Tory newspaper, the Islander. Entering politics in 1863, Pope was a proponent of Confederation, eventually accomplished under the leadership of his younger brother, James Colledge Pope. One of the social highlights of the Charlottetown Conference was a luncheon at Pope’s home Ardgowan House. Following Confederation, he was appointed Prince County Court judge by Sir John A. Macdonald. Pope married Helen Debrisay in 1851, and fathered eight children.

We wish to acknowledge the Dictionary of Canadian Biography as one of the main sources of our information. Read the Pope biography here.

The photo of William Henry Pope courtesy of Library and Archives Canada, PA-027027, copyright public domain.

Pope family plot St John’s Anglican Cemetery at St Eleanors, PEI.

Photos by Fred Horne, 2013.