Genealogy of the PEI Fathers of Confederation

In 2014 the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society celebrated the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Our project was titled “Genealogy of the PEI Fathers of Confederation”. We received funding support from PEI2014 Inc. You can learn all about it here. Follow the links to our monthly articles on the PEI Fathers, February to September of 2014 as published in The Guardian newspaper.  Check out our Project Sponsors too.  It was a rewarding project on several levels and we still have for sale a number of copies of our project publication “Confederation Connections: Finding the Fathers’ Families”.  Please email for information on how to order a copy. If you do not wish to purchase you may access a copy at UPEI’s Robertson Library, PEI Section or the Public Archives and Records Office in Charlottetown.